Thursday, April 15, 2010


As of shortly before 4:30 pm Mountain time, my dissertation is written. The data reflect the most recent analysis, my advisor's final comments have all been addressed, the arduous process of revising my thinking based on one single new reference is complete. I even created a special committee copy, without the pages of of Tables of Contents and such required by the school. It's sitting there, a lovely .pdf of 116 pages (including references), in my dissertation folder. And yet I have not emailed it out. It isn't due until tomorrow, and I can't quite conceive of what it will mean to have submitted my dissertation to my committee. It is the sensation I have had several times since my defense was announced to the department, and people started congratulating me and/or wishing me good luck when we passed in the halls. It doesn't quite seem real. I can't really be this close to being done.