Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Procrastination Lite

Jorge Cham, the mind behind Piled Higher and Deeper Comics, is giving a talk in my area this evening. This will be his second appearance since I arrived on campus. Fortunately, the first was within months of my enrollment in graduate school, and this one occurs after I've received my master's diploma, so a second visit doesn't make me feel like I've been in graduate school far too long.

The talk itself hasn't changed much. The title ("The Power of Procrastination") is still the same. But then, I'm not going for the talk. I'm going because I've had a complicated and stressful week, and probably need some refresher instructions on how to procrastinate purposefully. I'm going because it's fun to see how the actual talk matches up to the "Tales from the Road" he creates. I'm going to see if the talk has improved over the two years (last time, he had to borrow a computer, and PowerPoint version discrepancies caused his "What I Learned In Graduate School" fancily animated point about learning PowerPoint to fail completely, to tremendous laughter). I'm going to get an autographed copy of the 3rd book, to match my autographed copies of the 1st and 2nd books.

And I'm going because my name has an uncommon spelling, and I want to see if it will stand out in the mind of a man who must sign hundreds of books a year. There's always the possibility of being notable enough to get mentioned in the Tales from the Road myself.

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