Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PhD Peacock

As part of a discussion on the evolutionary origins of intelligence, I made a facetious comment on the brain being compared to peacock feathers (both being demonstrations of a wide array of genes) and how this put my pursuit of a PhD in an entirely new light. For some reason I didn't have the following mental image until I was walking home much later:

Take the PhD. Now attach it to a wire, like you're going to wave it around as a protest sign. Instead, stick the bottom of the wire on the back of your belt. The wire should be stiff enough that the PhD stays permanently on display, but flexible enough that it bobs around a bit. I give you: the PhD Peacock Tail. Or any degree, prominently displayed so potential mates will have a clear fitness indicator for sexual selection purposes. Now, doesn't that make life so much easier?

I am so tempted to actually do this.

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