Friday, May 16, 2008

Lead TA Training, Day Five

The half-day finale comes just in time; I only have to put up with three and a half hours of training while muzzy-headed from my burgeoning cold.I remain entirely uninspired about the contents of my discipline-specific seminar, which is supposed to be a one-hour session in which I present tips to the new TAs about something in my department that will be hard to teach. Beyond repeating last year's session on statistics, I have no idea how to cross the various sub-disciplines.

There is a great deal of repetitive talk about things I could have figured out by reading the manual, a partner exercise with a guy who has no concept of "personal space", and a very long feedback form, to which I add a gripe about diversity training focusing on race and gender while ignoring potential problems with religious or political viewpoints. Then, freedom, my academic management skills having been improved to the best of the teaching program's ability.

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