Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to the Daily Grind

One of my siblings, taking a week-long vacation from the wage-slave grind to coincide with my week-long vacation from...not that much work at all, really...informed me that the vacation was a test of sorts, to see if getting a break from a six-day work week of customer service would make her job any more tolerable. If not, she would seriously start looking for another job. I would not say that I returned to the lab with any great enthusiasm, but I'm certainly in better shape than that. My somewhat leisurely return to work has more to do with needing to catch up on a week's worth of Internet browsing than with any reluctance on my part, since I didn't even maintain the pretense of taking the laptop with me.

It's not just the Internet browsing, of course. It's the fact that my annual vacation is arranged around my birthday. I am now 25. I need a new plan. I have begun implementing the new plan, as tenuous as it is. It occupies more of my thoughts than research at the moment, but the pressure of a meeting with my advisor - specifically, the fact that the meeting is themed "that huge critical point of your comps paper" - should help turn things around quickly.

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