Monday, January 12, 2009

Yet Another First Day of Class

The final revisions (corrections of typos, revisions to awkward sentences, a handful of additional sentences explaining things in more detail) to my journal article have been sent. Seeing the official status of "Accept Pending Minor Revisions" did not make this any less of a stressful process; I'm still waiting for the editor to change her mind.

As of the first day of classes, I seem to be in pretty good shape for the coming semester. I have all the areas of research covered: old data to present (two different pieces of my master's thesis, at a conference in April), relatively new data to ponder (one set of data for me, one set for my honors student), impending data (an experiment that will begin in two weeks), and, assuming my advisor finds the comps revisions satisfactory, new studies to design for a dissertation proposal.

I could do with less of this work being focused on March and April, but obviously there has to be some trade-off to the semester system. I get an easy three weeks in December/January, to make up for the stress that comes with the end of the school year. It seems a fair trade now - we'll just have to see whether it still seems fair in April.


Clarissa said...

Three weeks have passed since the day my Advisor took a long year-end break, and I haven't done anything work-related, not even writing a paper from my Master's thesis, something I promised myself to do three weeks ago.

My Advisor is returning to work tomorrow, and I feel sick. LOL.

grad student said...

Sick from not having done work, or sick from flu season? Use the ambiguity as an excuse - "sorry I haven't got any work done, Advisor, but I've been feeling pretty sick recently..."

My office-mate showed up saying he had done absolutely no work over break, and to not tell his advisor (not that I ever interact with his advisor). As far as I'm concerned, taking a real break is great - as long as you refuse to feel guilty about it.